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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know what services are best for my pet?

We require an evaluation which lasts 60 minutes and costs $175-250 depending upon therapies started.  We will teach you the home program during this visit, and you will go home with a folder and an email link to our Physiotech program so you can access the short soundless video clips.  Each program is set up for the individual patient based on the whole pet and family abilities and lifestyle.  We have hydrotherapy, electro-stimulation, laser therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, vibratory therapy in addition to physio and manual therapy, and we will give you our recommendations for what will benefit your pet and how frequently it should be performed.

Do I have to return or is the Evaluation appointment enough to help my pet?

At the Evaluation, we will discuss our recommendations with you.  We will be teaching you techniques and exercises you can do at home.  You will receive a handout detailing the techniques and exercises we have prescribed for your pet as well as receive a link to our Physiotech program that repeats that information and has soundless videoclips of that technique or exercise.  There is no requirement to follow up further, and some dogs are benefitted with just the home program.

What if I just want my pet to have hydrotherapy?

We require the evaluation first so we can understand your pets abilities and needs. We will teach you a home program designed specifically for your pet. If your pet is a candidate for hydrotherapy, we can introduce them to the underwater treadmill.  During our 45 minute physical therapy sessions which include physiotherapy, manual, and laser therapy, and if requested, we will include three Intro to Hydrotherapy sessions at no addition charge to determine if your pet will receive benefit from further hydrotherapy.   If that is the case, then hydrotherapy sessions may be scheduled.  The initial sessions are required as some dogs just become too stressed to walk in the water treadmill no matter how much they may like water in other circumstances.  Some pets, including cats, who don't like water, may do well with the proper motivation to accept hydrotherapy.  Our therapists are trained in detecting even low levels of stress and will end a session if it is noted.  The cost of the session is based upon scheduling the session, regardless of how long your pet walks in the water. There are benefits to hydrotherapy even if walking doesn't occur, and some will benefit most from assisted standing in the warm jetted water.
Pets will start hydrotherapy at a slower speed and less time and these will be increased only upon the therapist's prescription.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards including Discover and American Express.  We do not take CareCredit.  If you have Trupanion pet insurance, we can submit your pets claim directly and most are paid immediately, so you only are responsible for paying your part of the invoice.

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